Several workshops and special workshops will take place at WIRM. The oral presentations will last 10 minutes and will be selected from the submitted abstracts by approx. mid-January. Every Workshop Speaker can also mount a poster in the evening. There won’t be a poster walk within the workshop posters.
Best Workshop Presentation Awards

"BioLegend Best Workshop Presentation Awards" will be distributed to one best presenter of each workshop. The winners of the awards will be selected by the chairs right after each workshop and honored at the award ceremony the day after.

Titles of Workshops
WS 1: Development of effector and regulatory T cells
WS 2: Autoimmunity: from bench to bedside
WS 3: Effector mechanisms in T and B cells
WS 4: Innate immune response
WS 5: Eosinophils, basophils and neutrophils
WS 6: Allergy and Asthma
WS 7: Epithelial barriers and immune regulation
WS 8: Dendritic cells / Macrophages
WS 9: Biologicals, novel vaccines and drugs
WS 10: Tumor antigen-specific immune regulation
WS 11: Precision medicine and immunology
WS 12: Tissue responses in immune regulation

Poster Sessions

As at other Davos meetings, we will reconvene in the evenings for poster sessions with buffet dinner in a relaxed and stimulatory atmosphere giving young researchers the opportunity to meet senior scientists. Poster presenters will be selected from the submitted abstracts by approx. mid-January.

Poster Presenter Information:

The size of the poster has to be DIN-format A0 vertical (width 84,1 x height 118,9 cm) or not more than 95 x 120 cm.
Adhesive poster strips will be provided at the registration desk by the organizer.

Poster presenters are requested to display their posters at 10:00 the latest at the day of presentation and to remove them at the end of the session approximately at 23:00 the same evening. In order to increase scientific discussions, a poster walk will take place at approx. 20:00 of each poster session. Selected chairpersons and poster presenters will meet in front of the first poster of their session in time. Each poster should be explained within two minutes by the poster presenter, which will leave one minute for discussion.

Poster Print Service

Print your poster in Davos and it will be delivered directly to the congress center. The local printing company Silberroth is providing the following offer:

1 poster in PDF format (DIN-format A0 vertical) CHF 40.00/poster
10 posters or more in PDF format (DIN-format A0 vertical) CHF 28.00/poster
PDF format is required, otherwise they will charge CHF 20.00 in addition.

Order and payment information:
Silberroth Werbetechnik, info(a), Telephone +41 (0)81 413 17 52
Please let them know, that you order for the WIRM congress. They will print your poster on 13 March 2017 and will deliver it in the afternoon of 14 March 2017 to the Congress Center. No payment - no poster!

Poster Prizes

At the daily award ceremonies, the winners of each poster session will be selected by the poster chairs and the organizing committee for the best poster presentation prize, which is one year free subscription to a top journal.

Poster prizes will be sponsored by:

Titles of Poster Sessions
PS 1: T , B and NK cell subsets and immune regulation
PS 2: Regulatory and effector T cell subsets and cytokines: from bench to bedside
PS 3: Inflammatory mechanisms in the tissue
PS 4: Mucosal tolerance and intestinal homeostasis
PS 5: Neuroimmunology
PS 6: Eosinophils, basophils and neutrophils
PS 7: Biologicals, novel vaccines and drugs
PS 8: Allergy and Asthma I
PS 9: Autoimmunity: from bench to bedside
PS 10: Innate immune response
PS 11: Allergy and Asthma II
PS 12: Tissue responses and immune regulation
PS 13: Immune response to parasites
PS 14: Allergy and Asthma III