Special Focus
Development and Maintenance of Immune Activation and Tolerance

Basic Mechanisms
Innate immune response
Dendritic cell subsets and immune regulation
B cell subsets and immune regulation
NK cells and NK-T cells
Eosinophils, Basophils and Neutrophils
Innate lymphoid cells
Transcriptional regulation of immune responses
Development of effector and regulatory T cells
T and B cell memory and immune regulation
Effector mechanisms in immune response
Chemokines and receptors in immune response
Apoptosis in the regulation of immune responses
Mechanisms of immune privilege
The role of microRNAs in immune regulation and effector functions
Immune regulatory mechanisms related to resident tissue cells
Epigenetic-mediated immune response and immune memory
Metabolism and immunity

Focus on clinical application, drug discovery and novel biotechnological developments
Hygiene hypothesis in immune regulation
Regulatory and effector T cell subsets and cytokines: from bench to bedside
Immune response to parasites
Tumor antigen-specific immune regulation
Allergy and asthma
Immune regulation in organ transplantation
Experimental models of inducing and breaking peripheral tolerance
Mucosal tolerance and intestinal homeostasis
Development of novel vaccines and drugs
"Biologicals", Immunomodulation in vivo
Cellular therapies including stem cell therapies
Regenerative medicine and immune system
Precision Medicine