Special Lecture

During the past World Immune Regulation Meetings, it became a tradition to invite lecturers from other areas of science to give us a special lecture on exciting developments.

Professor Dr. Jeffrey M. Drazen

Editor-in-Chief, New England Journal of Medicine, USA

Distinguished Parker B. Francis Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School



Data Sharing in the Context of Medical Publishing
Data are the link between ideas and reality.  There is a movement to share more and more data. This talk outlines the reasons for data sharing and the issues that may arise.

Previous special guests:

WIRM 2016:
Wim Hof and Dr. Matthijs Kox
"The Iceman - a medical mystery unraveled"

WIRM 2015:
Professor Dr. Jürg Kesselring, Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation
"The Art of Learning - lessons from neurorehabilitation"

WIRM 2014:
Professor Dr. med. Oswald Oelz, Internist, Climber and Author
"The summits of the world and life"

WIRM 2013:
Prof. John Ellis, Physics Department, Kings College London European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, Geneva
"The Quest for the Higgs Boson"

WIRM 2012:
Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Werner Schmutz, Director World Radiation Center, Davos
"Climate change in the past: The solar influence"

WIRM 2011:
Prof. Fergus Shanahan, University College Cork, Ireland
"Death of a celebrity scientist"

WIRM 2010:
Boris Grundl, Management Expert
"The magic of change. Resilience: How to turn defeats into victories"

WIRM 2009:
Dr. Evans Lyn, CERN Geneva
"The large hadron collider"

WIRM 2008:
Dr. Ulrike Lohmann, ETH Zurich
"Global warming and climate change"