Speakers and their talk titles

Arne Akbar Senescent CD8+ T cells: old but not useless
Cezmi A. Akdis The "barrier hypothesis" for inflammatory diseases
Ido Amit The power of ONE: Immunology in the age of single cell genomics
Martin Bachmann Cross reactivity and cross protection in allergic diseases and their treatment with allergen-specific immunotherapy
Yasmine Belkaid Role of commensal specific T cells in tissue immunity and repair
Scott Boyd Clonal expansion and evolution of B cell memory in humans
Heimo Breiteneder What makes proteins allergenic?
Robert Brink Constant region-based selection in the germinal center reaction
Dirk H. Busch Single cell in vivo fate mapping and T cell characterization
James di Santo A T cell-centric view of ILC development
Marc Y. Donath Immune mechanisms of diabetes
Lukas Flatz Deciphering the mechanisms of efficacy and toxicity of checkpoint inhibitors in cancer patients
Martin Guilliams The macrophage niche: in search of the tissue-specific mechanisms controlling macrophage development
Matthew F. Krummel Archetypes of immunity and "Cellular Mancala"
Clare Lloyd Regulation of lung immunity in early life
Kevin Maloy Regulation of chronic intestinal inflammation by autophagy
Roland Martin Memory B cells activate brain-homing, autoreactive CD4+ T cells in Multiple Sclerosis
Kingston Mills Control of T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases by innate and adaptive regulatory cells
Andrew Oberst Metabolism as immunity: Metabolic re-programming limits viral infection in the brain
Massimiliano Pagani Single cell transcriptomics of intratumoral CD4+ T lymphocytes reveals an enrichment in type-1 regulatory cells associated with tumor progression
Christoph Scheiermann Circadian rhythms in the immune system
Mohamed Shamji Vaccine development in allergy: making proteins non-allegenic and fast tracking a state of immune tolerance in upper airway disease
Ken Smith Factors driving long term outcome in immune-mediated disease: T cells, exhaustion and genetics
Ludvig M. Sollid Disease driving CD4+ T cell clones in autoimmunity
Tim Sparwasser Metabolic programs controlling immune cell function
Henrique Veiga-Fernandes Neuronal regulation of innate lymphoid cells
J├╝rgen Wienands Memory control by the B cell antigen receptor
David C. Wraith
Antigen-specific immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases: a 30 year perspective