Speakers and their talk titles

Mübeccel Akdis Regulatory and effector B cell subsets
Judith E. Allen Type 2 cytokine amplification of macrophage function
Evangelos Andreakos Type I and type III interferons in anti-viral immunity and immune regulation
Francesco Annunziato Molecular control of Th17 responses
Burkhard Becher Chronic inflammatory diseases: Autoimmunity or cytokine miscommunication
Jeffrey Bluestone Manipulating Tregs to control tolerance in autoimmunity and cancer
Scott Boyd B cell repertoire responses in the allergic gastrointestinal tract
Onur Boyman Type 2 immune responses compromise innate immunity
Simon Fillatreau Identification of natural regulatory plasma cells
Stephen J. Galli Mast cells and asthmatic inflammation
James E. Gern Rhinoviruses, airway bacteria and asthma
Hamida Hammad Role of innate immune cells in Th2 sensitisation to house dust mite allergen
John B. Harley Transcription factors in mechanisms of immune disease risk
Kenji Kabashima The immunology of IL-31 and itch
Thomas S. Kupper Factors controlling tissue resident T cells in inflammatory disorders
Alberto Mantovani The yin-yang of innate immunity, inflammation and cancer
Claudia Mauri B cell bridge in innate and adaptive immunity
Daniel L. Mueller CD4+ T cell anergy prevents autoimmunity and generates regulatory T cell precursors
Kari Nadeau Immune mechanisms of food allergy and tolerance
Sergei Nedospasov Cell type-restricted anti-cytokine therapy
Lars Nitschke Siglecs on B cells and pDCs: inhibiting signaling and preventing autoimmunity
Edward Pearce Metabolic regulation of innate immune cell activation
Hai Qi Tfh positioning and memory B-cell development in the germinal center
Timothy Radstake Molecular re-classification of immune mediated diseases - a focus on systemic immune mediated diseases
Mireia Sospedra Ramos Analyzing brain-infiltrating T cells and unbiased detection of novel autoantigens in multiple sclerosis
Thomas Anthony Wynn Type 2 immunity in metabolic disease, liver regeneration, and NASH-driven fibrosis

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