Speakers and their talk titles

Petter Brodin Update on variations in human immune system
Christopher Buckley Fibroblast subsets drive inflammation and damage in arthritis
Sarah E. Clark Bacterial-driven immune suppression by activation of natural killer cell IL-10 production
Cevayir Coban Immune pathology during malaria infection
Reinhold Förster Fibroblasts and immune cells and tertiary lymphoid structures
Kenji Kabashima In vivo imaging of the skin and disease endotypes
Bart Lambrecht Spontaneous protein crystallization as a driver of type 2 immunity
Nils Lycke Maintaining germinal centers in the Peyer’s patches via a direct M-cell-B cell antigen transport system
Markus G. Manz Engineered immunotherapy in hematologic malignancies
Reina Mebius Control of autoreactive lymphocytes by lymph node stromal cells
Laurence M. Morel Therapeutic targeting metabolism in autoimmunity
Kari Nadeau Allergies are systemic diseases: Molecular mechanisms of multimorbidities
Jean Pieters Tolerance of tissue antigens while maintaining anti-pathogen immunity
Fiona Powrie Novel developments in the area of dysregulated Treg cells in autoimmune disease
Troy D. Randall Resident memory B cells in the lung
Jeffrey C. Rathmell Metabolic limitations for T cell functions
Takashi Saito Regulation of T cell activation by innate immune signals
Ziv Shulman Germinal centers: a game of clones within immunological niches
Daniel Speiser The immune system’s fitness against cancer
Mathias Uhlén The Human Blood Atlas - implications for human biology
Rudolf Valenta Novel vaccines for the treatment of allergic diseases
Marsha Wills-Karp Epithelial-derived cytokines in asthma