Speakers and their talk titles

Seema Sharma Aceves The exposome for eosinophilic esophagitis
Cezmi Akdis Regulation of epithelial barrier by the immune system
David Artis Immune regulation at barrier surfaces
Claus Bachert Mechanisms and endotypes of chronic rhinosinusitis
Peter J. Barnes Anti-cytokines in asthma therapy
Thomas Bieber Mechanisms of atopic dermatitis
Scott Boyd Shaping of antibody repertoires in human infants by early life exposures
Eran Elinav The microbiome and personalized nutrition
Richard A. Flavell Innate immune sensing of genomic integrity
Alexander Flügel Cell trafficking in the central nervous system
Philippe Gérard The gut microbiome controls liver disease development
James E. Gern Rhinovirus infections and asthma
Michel Gilliet Th17, IL-26, skin inflammation and autoimmunity
Mitchell H. Grayson Viral infections and atopy
Sebastian Johnston Immunopathology and mechanisms of Rhinovirus infection in asthma patients
Matthew Krummel Imaging and deconvolving tumor antigen flow in primary and metastatic tumor sites
Gideon Lack Food allergy epidemics and how to prevent
Bart Lambrecht Novel genes and mechanisms in asthma
Jenny Mjösberg Single-cell transcriptional delineation of human ILC heterogeneity and functional plasticity reveals potential targets for treatment of inflammatory conditions
Kari Nadeau Precision medicine in food allergy
Carole Ober Dissecting genetic and environmental
components of asthma
Ed Palmer There are no guarantees in life: the probabilistic basis of T cell tolerance
Thomas A. Platts-Mills The allergy epidemics: 1870-2017
Marc E. Rothenberg Molecular and genetic dissection elucidation of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Pere Santamaria pMHC-based nanomedicines for the treatment of autoimmune disease: diseases, mechanisms and systemic immunity
Jürgen Schwarze RSV lower respiratory tract infection – immune mechanisms and interactions with helminth infection
Hans-Uwe Simon Adhesion-induced eosinophil cytolysis requires the RIPK3-MLKL signaling pathway which is counter-regulated by autophagy
Hergen Spits Development and plasticity of human ILC
Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann Epithelial barrier and environment
Erika von Mutius Microbial environment and its influence in allergy and asthma in early life
Special Lecture: Jeffrey M. Drazen: Data sharing in the context of medical publishing
Meet the Expert Session: Jeffrey M. Drazen: Publishing in a High-Impact Medical Journal