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Beckman Coulter Lunch Symposium

Sunday, 7 April 2019, 12:30 - 13:30 h, Room: Davos 1, free lunch bags provided to participants

Topic: Far-out’ flow cytometry: CytoFLEX LX with the 808nm laser
The Imaging and Cytometry Core Lab is in the Bioscience Technology Facility, University of York that serves a multidisciplinary Department of Biology as well as external users through our open access approach. As such, samples come from many varied user types that span the breadth of biology and beyond!
This presentation, will illustrate how cytometry and the need for improved sensitivity is vital, look at how best to approach difficult samples types and how we are using the CytoFlex for a wide variety of applications using both wet antibodies and dry pre-formulated DURAClone antibody panels, whilst the utilisation of the 808nm ‘far-out’ infrared laser for live dead discrimination and detection of antibodies conjugated to infrared probes is also opening up new possibilities.