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10x Genomics Lunch Symposium

Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 13:00 - 14:00 h

Redefine immunology with multi omic single cell and spatial characterization

Christophe Fleury has been working as Science and technology advisor for 10x genomics for 2 years. He has expertise in genomics with special emphasis on transcriptomics, bulk and single cell, obtained from diverse technical roles that he held at 10x Genomics and at Illumina prior to that and from over 10 years’ spent in academia. As a Science and technology advisor, Christophe puts his expertise to the service of customers to help them choose the best option for their projects and inform them on new products and developments.


Single-cell multi-omics analysis of the immune response in COVID-19
To investigate the immune response of COVID-19, we analysed individual blood cells of 130 patients from three medical centres in the UK. We revealed several new insights to COVID-19 pathogenesis whilst providing a valuable resource, exploitable for translational studies. We also highlighted the changes to cellular components during severe disease that could be targeted for therapy.

Emily Stephenson is Research Assistant who is also working towards her PhD. She plays an integral role for all ongoing projects in the Haniffa lab, using her specialty in single cell multi-omic technologies to generate single cell libraries for sequencing. She also works as a point of contact and collaborator with various other projects tied to the Haniffa lab all across the country. Her primary interest is in studying the developing human immune system during prenatal life as well as infection and inflammation. She does this by applying her skills in molecular biology and genomics that she honed by achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Newcastle University and previous laboratory roles. Emily acts as a major coordinator for many aspects of the laboratory area, and enjoys using her experience to train junior researchers in her field. She is always happy to volunteer time to assist her colleagues, whether that’s discussing research possibilities or even using her skills as a trained phlebotomist!